Travel guide: 48 Hours in Amsterdam

Last month I went to Amsterdam for a few days. This was the second time I took a city trip to Amsterdam. Last summer, I went there to see some of the famous museums (click here for that travel guide). This time, the main reasons were two concerts, so I decided to turn it into a little vacation. So what did I do in those 48 hours?

traveguide-Amsterdam-HarryStyles (2)
1. Harry Styles @ The Ziggo Dome
I arrived in Amsterdam on a Wednesday afternoon. After walking through the city centre, checking into my hotel (I chose to stay in a hotel this time, because I had two concerts two nights in a row and knew that I needed a good night sleep for that) and having a bite to eat, I took the metro to the Ziggo Dome, to see Harry Styles in concert.
Now, I was never a ‘directioner’, but I was very interested to see how Harry would perform, since there is a lot of hype around him. The concert was great, Harry sang very well. Sadly the thousands of screaming young girls were a bit annoying and made it difficult to hear to music.

travelguide-Amsterdam-TheScript (1).jpg
2. The Script @ The Ziggo Dome
The next evening I went to see The Script live. I have been a huge fan of The Script for years and had never seen them perform, so I was very happy that I finally got the chance to see them. The concert was amazing; the music sounded good, Danny was chatty and funny and the overall vibe was great.

travelguide-Amsterdam-MOCOmuseum (1)travelguide-Amsterdam-MOCOmuseum (3)

3. MOCO Museum
I visited the MOCO Museum because I wanted to see the Banksy and Roy Lichtenstein exhibitions. The audiotour taught me a lot about both artists. The Banksy art was amazing to see in real life; they even had pieces of brick and doors from London in the museum. I would recommend this museum if you are interested in graffiti and street art.

travelguide-Amsterdam-grachtenhuismuseum (1)
4. Grachtenhuis Museum
I had no idea that this museum existed, until I saw Anna Newton from “The Anna Edit” talking about how amazing it was..and she was right. The Grachtenhuis Museum teaches you about the canals that Amsterdam is famous for. They offer an amazing audio-visual tour that is truly unique (I have been to many museums in the world and this one was very memorable). You can see they put a lot of effort in making the different “rooms”. The staff was very friendly and the souvenirshop had loads of cute pieces (I bought some cute tealightholders).

The only activity that disappointed me was photography museum FOAM. Maybe it was because I am not a huge fan of photography…I am not sure. There was also no audio tour nor a guide map, so I found walking around a bit difficult.

 -> Have you been to Amsterdam? Let me know in the comments.

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