Day trip: IJsbeeldenfestival (Zwolle, The Netherlands)

On a Saturday morning my mom and I took the train to Zwolle (The Netherlands). We had bought tickets for the “IJsbeeldenfestival”, which is a big hall with large ice and snow sculptures. The theme was “Journey through time” and the exhibit shows sculptures from dinosaurs and acient Egypt to WWII and space.

ijsbeeldenfestival2020 (1) ijsbeeldenfestival2020 (7)
I had seen ice sculptures before, so I knew a little what to expect, but I was still surprised. The ice and snow sculptures were made nicely and pretty big. Also, the coloured lights definitely helped creating a certain vibe.

ijsbeeldenfestival2020 (5) ijsbeeldenfestival2020 (2) ijsbeeldenfestival2020 (8)

There is only one route through the hall and the pathways are not very spacious, so when there are people with strollers or when people stop to take 100 photos, you can not pass them by easily.

Also, it was very cold inside. I have no idea what the exact temperature was, but it was COLD! Sadly this event did not give you warm coats or gloves, so you have to bring them yourselves..and please do! I had a beanie and gloves on, but had to take the gloves off everything I wanted to take a photo.

ijsbeeldenfestival2020 (3) ijsbeeldenfestival2020 (4)
It was nice to see these ice and snow sculptures and it is a good winter activity if you are in the neighbourhood. I would not necessarily advise you to book a trip to Zwolle just for this event, because it is not that “big”.

The “Dutch IJsbeelden Festival” takes place in the IJsselhallen in Zwolle and visiting is possible until march 1st. 2020. For more information, check

-> Have you been to the “IJsbeeldenfestival” or another ice sculpture event? Let me know in the comments.

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