Travel guide: What we did in Brighton, England (Day 5)

Monday was our last (half) day in Brighton. Sadly it was also the worst day when it came to the weather: it was cloudy and raining. Which was a shame because I wanted to explore the “town” of Hove this morning.

travelguide-brighton-day5hove (3) travelguide-brighton-day5hove (2)
Breakfast @ Six
Address: 102-105 Western Road (Hove)
For breakfast my mom and I went to a place called Six. I ordered the avocado toast and my mom the pancakes. Both tasted good.

The interior was lovely (those pink velvet chairs!) and looked very luxurious and the staff was friendly.

travelguide-brighton-day5hove (4) travelguide-brighton-day5hove (1)
Walking around Hove
After breakfast we walked through Hove. We came across a lot of very cute restaurants and cafes (I’ve written them down in case I visit Brighton/Hove again). There was such a cool vibe in this little “town”.

We wanted to eat lunch in Hove, but ended up buying some sandwiches at the trainstation because we wanted to get to London on time.

-> Have you been to Hove or do you live there? Is there anything I need to check out next time I visit Hove? Let me know in the comments.

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