Food: 48 Hours in Amsterdam

As soon as I had decided to go to Amsterdam, I started to look for cool places to eat. It probably will not be a surprise to you that there are loads of hip cafes and restaurants in Amsterdam, and that it was actually quite hard to choose which ones I wanted to give a try. (Luckily) for me, two vloggers I follow on Youtube (Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg) had been to Amsterdam  a few weeks before, so they had introduced me to some of the places.
Last time I was there, I had picked out some great ones (click here for my article on 5 amazing places to eat in Amsterdam), so this time I wanted to see some more. However, I did end up in one of the places of last year.
Here are 5 places that I went for food and my honest opinion about them.

travelguide-Amsterdam-food (7)1. Bakers & Roasters
Address: Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54, Amsterdam
I went to Bakers and Roasters for breakfast. Since they open at 8.30 and I expected it to be busy, I decided to go around opening time. I passend by it not recognizing the place, because it does not look great from the outside and it sits in the middle of a street with houses.

It was already quite busy when I got there, but I did get a table without having to wait. Normally I choose the sweet breakfast, but because I was very curious about the menu, I chose a savoury brekkie: toast with eggs, potatoes, mushrooms and halloumi. It was a plate full and I was not able to eat it all, but it was tasty.
The staff was friendly and the interior was nice too.

travelguide-Amsterdam-food (1)2.jpg
2. The Corner Bakery
Address:, Amsterdam
The Corner Bakery is one of the places that is “Instagram-famous”. The internet is full of photo’s of their ‘freakshakes’, and although they look great, it was not a good choice for me, since I was on my own. Instead I went here for a early lunch. It was pretty busy, but I managed to get a table. The staff was friendly, but it took ages before they took my order. I ordered the salmon roll, which was very tasty. The interior looked nice, but I thought it was a bit crowded (tables too close to each other).

3. The Seafood Bar
Last summer when I was in Amsterdam (click here for the travel guide of that trip), I went to The Seafood Bar. And because liked the food so much, I went back this time.
The interior of The Seafood Bar looks fancy, but the prices are not crazy high. Where last time I went for a burger, this evening I chose the salmon with spinach and fries. It was very good. If you like to eat fish and are planning a trip to this city, definitely make reservations for this restaurant. Only negative point for me where the staff; although they were friendly, there were a lot walking around (maybe too much) and they were “hanging out” near the bar and talking about their private lifes, which I found a little unprofessional.

travelguide-Amsterdam-food (2).jpg
4. Ice Bakery
Address: Leidsestraat 102, Amsterdam
The Ice Bakery is the only one out of these five that is great for a snack. When I was walking around the shopping streets I stumbled upon this little bakery with an amazingly colorful macaroons display. I could not help myself and walked right in, which is strange considering I actually do not like macaroons that much.

I was in awe of the colors and flavours that I thought “I need to buy some to try”.. and so I did. During the rest of the day and evening I ate half of them; some actually tasted pretty good, others I did not like the taste of.
So I guess it is a personal thing, if you like macaroons, it might be nice to check out Ice Bakery.

5. Pluk
Address: Reestraat 19, Amsterdam
On my last day in Amsterdam, I went to Pluk for breakfast. Again, I went there early because I wanted to be there before the crowds. However, looking back, none of the places I went to this time were extremely busy (not like The Avocado Show last summer, where I had to wait about half an hour to get a table…it was so worth it though!).
At Pluk I decided to try something knew and ordered a acai bowl. I did not know what to expect and eventually I did not like it very much (the structure). But the place was cute; they had a little shop with lovely items.

-> Have you been to any of these places? Or do you have any other recommandations for me to try in Amsterdam? Let me know in the comments.

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