Food: Things to try at Münster’s Christmas markets

Like I mentioned in a previous post, my mom and I spend a weekend in Münster this month. We found out that there are five Christmas markets in Münster. I do not think that you need to visit them all, because they are all similar.
Our hotel was near the market called “Rund um das Rathaus” so we spend two late afternoons/early evenings walking around this market and eating and drinking some delciousness.

So what should you try at these markets? Let me give you some ideas.

travelguide-munster-christmasmarket (6)
The first food we tried was called reibekuchen. This is basically a fried potato pancake. Although it had not much flavour, it was a nice snack.

travelguide-munster-christmasmarket (4)
Currywurst is a sausage with currypowder and currysauce. Most people eat it with fries or a piece of white bread. Although I am not a huge fan of sausages, this once was not so bad.

travelguide-munster-christmasmarket (1)

Backkarfottel is a backed/jacket potato. There were a few different sauces that you could choose from. My mom and I both went for the tzatziki and it was delicious.

travelguide-munster-christmasmarket (5)
Candied almonds
On the markets they also sold candied almonds. Because I do like to snack on normal almonds, I felt like I needed to try these. They were a very sweet, but a little hand full is all you need as a treat.

travelguide-munster-christmasmarket (7)
Glühwine, also known as mulled wine, is a combination of red wine and spices and is usually served hot. It is an alcoholic dirnk, but there are non-alcoholic versions available too. I did not try the glühwine at this market, because I was intrigued by all the other drinks, like the other two down below.

Glüh gin
Glüh gin is similar to glühwine, but instead of wine, it has gin in it. The gin is also mixed with spices. I actually really liked the glüh gin, because it tasted like a Christmassy gin & tonic and was not so sweet as the Glühwine.

Rose punch
Another drink that I tried at the Christmas market was rose punch. Like glühwine, it is made with wine (but instead of red wine, with rose) and has spiced in it. I enjoyed the rose punch I drank, it was not too sweet, but I think I prefer the glüh gin.

-> Have you been to any (German) Christmas markets? What other foods and/or drinks would you recommand trying?

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