Travel guide: What we did in Brighton, England (Day 4)

Sunday was our third full day in Brighton. Because it was still windy, we decided to leave Brighton again for the day.

travelguide-brighton-day4seafordandsevensisters (1) travelguide-brighton-day4seafordandsevensisters (2)
Streetart @ Trafalger Lane
On Sundaymorning we went on a long stroll from our hotel to the place where we wanted to go for breakfast. We passed by Trafalger Lane, which has the most beautiful wall-art and in the surrounding area you will find loads of colorful houses.

travelguide-brighton-day4seafordandsevensisters (3) travelguide-brighton-day4seafordandsevensisters (4)
Breakfast @ Moksha caffe
Address: 4-5 York Place.
We went to Moksha caffe for breakfast. While I went for the savoury option (toast with salmon), my mom went for the sweet option (granola and yoghurt). We both enjoyed our food a lot. The staff was friendly and the interior was nice.

travelguide-brighton-day4seafordandsevensisters (5) travelguide-brighton-day4seafordandsevensisters (6)
After breakfast we walked to the trainstation and took the train to Seaford. In Seaford we walked to the beach and along the beach, where there some colorful beachhuts.

travelguide-brighton-day4seafordandsevensisters (7) travelguide-brighton-day4seafordandsevensisters (8)
Seven Sisters
Then we arrived at a “starting point” to walk to the Seven Sisters. After seeing these cliffs in the movie “Now is good” (which is a very nice film), I knew that I wanted to see these chalk cliffs in real life.
We walked all the way over to get a beautiful view of the Seven Sisters.  You could walk further, I think all the way to the Seven Sisters, but my mom and I were a little tired and cold (it was quite windy) and decided this was close enough.
And t
he best part? This activity is free! It is a pretty though hike (so bring food and drinks and warm clothes)…but it is so worth it!

We bought some sandwiches in a supermarket in Seaford, because many places were closed on Sundays and we could not wait until we got back to Brighton for lunch.

travelguide-brighton-day4seafordandsevensisters (1)
Drinks @  No. 32
Address: 32 Duke St.
Like yesterday, we went to a place called No. 32 for cocktails. I do not remember the names of the cocktails, but they were tasty. Sadly this time, the service was slow, so the experience was not as good as yesterday’s.

travelguide-brighton-day4seafordandsevensisters (9) travelguide-brighton-day4seafordandsevensisters (10)
Dinner @ Zizzi’s
Address: 7 Prince Albert St.
For our last dinner in Brighton, we went to Zizzi’s again. This time, instead of pizza, we both got pasta. We had also ordered some garlic bread, but sadly that took ages! Luckily the waiter noticed it and made sure we got it before our pasta’s arrived. I ordered the pasta with beef and my mom the prawn linguine, both were very good.

-> Are there any other towns near Brighton that are worth visiting? Let me know in the comments.


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