Travel guide: Münster (Germany)

Two weeks ago, my mom and I went on a short weekend trip to Münster, Germany. We wanted to get some Christmas vibes, but did not have a lot of time to go too far away. So we took the train to Münster, which was a 3,5 hour ride.

travelguide-munster-prinzipalmarkt (1) travelguide-munster-prinzipalmarkt (2)
– Prinzipalmarkt
The Prinzipalmarkt is a wide shoppingstreet in the city centre, where you will find all sorts of shops, from food to clothes. During the Holiday period there are lots of festive lights and Christmas decorations hanging on the street.

travelguide-munster-lamberti (1) travelguide-munster-lamberti (3) travelguide-munster-lamberti (2)
– Lambertikirche
Address: Lambertikirchpl. 1
The St. Lambertikirche is one of the famous churches in the city. The entree is free.You can walk around for a short period of time. Although the stained glass is not as colorful as in othe churches, it is still worth a little visit if you are interested in such.
There was also a Christmas market around the church.

– Picasso Museum
Address: Picassoplatz 1
The Picasso Museum is definitely worth a visit. It is not very big, you can walk around for about an hour and see many nice pieces of art. On the first floor was a temporary exhibit called “Im rauch der farbe”, which had some beautiful paintings by different painters. On the second floor were all the Picasso’s. I really enjoyed the extensive audioguide, because it gave a lot of information. This museum is not for free, but the price is right.

– Stadtmuseum
Address: Salzstraße 28
The Stadtmuseum is a free museum. It teaches you all about the history of the city. Sadly there was no audioguide and the displays were mostly in German, but it is still worth a visit if you are interested in history. We spend around 2 hours walking around.

– Depot
Address: Ludgeristraße 76-78
Depot is a store that sells decorations and home items. Because it was close to Christmas, there were lots of Christmas decorations, which I enjoyed.

travelguide-munster-achitecture (1) travelguide-munster-achitecture (2)
– The architecture
I liked the architecture of the houses in the city centre. They reminded me of the houses in Antwerp and Amsterdam. Also, I thought the facades of the gothic churches were very nice.

We ate dinner twice at the Christmas markets. For more about that, check out my other post on the Christmas markets in Münster.

Korn en knierfte
Address: Windthorststraße 68.
Korn & Knierfte is one of the only “cool” places to eat in the city centre. We were here twice during our stay, once for lunch and once for breakfast.
The interior is cool and the menu has unique foods. I especially enjoyed the avocado and mango sandwich.

Address: Stubengasse 38

During our stay, we bought hot chocolates twice at Starbucks. This was not a huge starbucks, so there was not much place to sit.

Address: Several locations
Pohlmeyer is a bakery chain that has a few stores in Münster. Here you can go for a quick breakfast or lunch. They have some sweet options like croissants and some savoury options. If you are not too picky with food, this place is ok.

travelguide-munster-h4hotel (1) travelguide-munster-h4hotel (2)

H4 Hotel
We stayed at the H4 Hotel. The locations was great, because it is in the city centre so everything it closeby (which is great when you want to visit the Christmas markets).

The room was spacious and clean, and we had a nice view over the square.

-> Have you been to Münster? Did you enjoy this city?

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