Travel guide: 24 Hours in Amsterdam

Early October I visited Amsterdam for 24 hours because I was going to a concert.
I arrived in Amsterdam  around 3 o’clock. After walking to my hotel and checking in, I looked online to see which things there were to see in the neighbourhood.
travelguide-24hoursinamsterdam (9) travelguide-24hoursinamsterdam (10)
Hermitage Museum
Address: Amstel 51, Amsterdam
Because I have been to Amsterdam  many times, I have visited many of the museums in the city. So it is always a little challenge to find “new sights” for me. However, I read about the Hermitage Museum and realised I had never been there. And because they had interesting exhibitions, I decided to visit it.
The first exhibition I saw was “Jewels- The glitter of Russian Court” and I was pleasantly surprised! I did not know much about the historty of Russian Court and I did not know much about jewels either, so it was very interesting to see beautiful rings, necklaces etc. Also there were a lot of paintings of people with jewels too.

travelguide-24hoursinamsterdam (2) travelguide-24hoursinamsterdam (1)
The second exhibition I saw was the “Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century”. This exhibition exists of about 30 group portraits from the 17th Century. The paintings have the same “dark vibe” as Rembrandt’s Night Watch and sSome of the paintings were huge!

I loved the audio-guide. I have said it many times before, but I love audio-tours, because you can get all the information on your paste and you can skip things if you do not want to hear about it.
Eventhough I want on a weekday, it was very busy in the afternoon, so I would not really advise anyone to go there on a wednesday afternoon.

travelguide-24hoursinamsterdam (3) travelguide-24hoursinamsterdam (4)
Dinner @ The Seafood Bar
Address: Spui 15, Amsterdam
After freshing up at the hotel, I walked to The Seafood Bar for dinner. I had been there before a few times, and always enjoy it. This time I ordered the fish and chips, which was very tasty.

travelguide-24hoursinamsterdam (5) travelguide-24hoursinamsterdam (6)
Ziggo Dome
Address: De Passage 100, Amsterdam
After dinner it was time for the whole reason I went to
Amsterdamseeing John Mayer in concert! I have been a fan of John Mayer for over 10 years and this was the first time I was able to get my hands on a ticket. It was dream come true. The concert was amazing.

travelguide-24hoursinamsterdam (8)Breakfast @ Mook Pancakes
For breakfast I went to go-to breakfast place: Mook Pancakes. I think I visit this place almost every time I visit Amsterdam. I just love their pancakes; not only do they look amazing, they taste very good too. This time I went for th
e “Good Morning”, which were pancakes with yoghurt, granola and strawberries…delicious! I also got a grape juice, which was good too.
After breakfast I went back to the hotel, I packed my bag and checked out. I never take a taxi or something in Amsterdam, I also walk through the city to the trainstation. On my way to the trainstation I passed by a Primark- so of course I had to get in and buy some stuff.

-> I visit Amsterdam a lot, but I like to see even more. Do you have any tips for sights or restaurants in Amsterdam?

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