Travel guide: What we did in Brighton, England (Day 3)

On Saturday morning it was storming in Brighton. We decided to have breakfast at a place closeby the hotel and then take the train to Lewes.

travelguide-brighton-day3 (1)
Breakfast @ The New Club

Address: 133-134 Kings Road.
We had breakfast at The New Club, which was a very cool spot near our hotel. I had the avocado toast, which was delicous. My mom went for the pancakes, which tasted good too.

travelguide-brighton-day3lewes (2) travelguide-brighton-day3lewes (3)
Lewes Castle
Address: Bull House, 92 High St (Lewes).
After breakfast, we took the train to Lewes, which is a little town near Brighton. When we arrived in Lewes, we walked to Lewes Castle. It was not as big as we thought it would be, but it was an impressive sight. Sadly there was no audio-guide (which you all know I love), so I did not get all of the information about this place. We just walked around and walked up the stairs.
The view from the castle is amazing, you can see the whole town and surrounding area.

travelguide-brighton-day3lewes (4) travelguide-brighton-day3lewes (1)
Lewes town centre
After Lewes Castle we walked to the town centre and looked around the cute shops. Sadly we could not have lunch there, because the few restaurants in Lewes were very busy. So we decided to take the train back to Brighton and have lunch there.

travelguide-brighton-day3 (6)
Lunch @ The Plant Room
Address: 17-18 Brighton Square.
We ended up in a place called The Plant Room. This place was more a coffee-spot than a lunchplace, but they did serve some food. I had the feta-tomato toast and my mom had the avocado-kimchi toast. Both were delicious.

travelguide-brighton-day3 (8)
Snack @ Dum Dum Donut’s
Address: 10 Brighton Square.
Opposite The Plant Room was a Dum Dum Donuts. I had learned about Dum Dum Donuts from Zoe Sugg’s vlog, so ofcourse I had to buy some donuts.
We ended up buying 4: I really liked the lemon one and the berry one. The zebra one dissappointed me because it was very dry.

travelguide-brighton-day3 (9)
Sealife Brighton
Address: Marine Parade.
On Friday afternoon we went to Sealife Brighton. I had high expectations of Sea Life, but I was very dissappointed. Firsly, the entree was difficult to find. Secondly, the first area that you visit was very dark, very busy and stank so much! It was not inviting nor a place where you wanted to take your time, so we quickly walked through it. Also, the “demo’s” about the animals given by the young girls were too loud.

The area with the big tank with turtles and the huge ray was nice. There were also a few smaller tanks that were fun to see, like the one with all the “Nemo’s”.
I had expected Sealife to be bigger and cleaner. After an hour we had seen everything and left.

travelguide-brighton-day3 (1)
Drinks @ No. 32
Address: 32 Duke St.
Before we went for dinner, we wanted to grab a drink somewhere. We walked by No.32 and because it looked nice, we went inside. The interior was cool and the cocktails were good (nicely strong) and had unique flavour combinations. Also, the staff was friendly.

travelguide-brighton-day3 (10)
@ Zizzi’s
Address: 7 Prince Albert St.
Saturday evenening we went to Zizzi’s because we were both craving pizza. I had a rustica with veggies and my mom had a classico with shrimp. Both pizza’s tasted really good. We also had some desserts, I had the brownie which was amazing.

-> Do you live in Brighton or have you been to this city? If so, what is your favorite restaurant in Brighton?

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