Travel guide: What we did in Brighton, England (Day 2)

On our first full day in Brighton, my mom and I wanted to see and do as much as we could in the city centre of Brighton. The weather was nice and perfect for walking around the town.

travelguide-brighton-day2 (2) travelguide-brighton-day2 (3)

Breakfast @ The Breakfast Club
Address: 16-17 Market St.
We went to The Breakfast Club for breakfast. This is such a cool place. The interior looks a bit like an American diner and they serve loads of “American” foods.

I had the pancakes with berries, which were delicious. My mom had the granola, which was good too. Only downside was the service, it was quite slow.

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Royal Pavilion
Address: 4/5 Pavilion Buildings.
Our first sight was the Royal Pavilion. My mom and I did not really know what to expect, but were pleasently surprised by this lovely building (and it’s amazing interior!).
First of all, the audioguide is fantastic! You all know how much I love an audioguide and this one was just so informative and fun. We learned so much about the king and the history of Brighton, which was exactly what we wanted.

The interior of the palace is just great. I have been to many palaces, but I have never seen anything like this. From the wallpapers and the dressors, to the chandeliers (I mean a dragon, really?!) and the carpet. My mind was blown! This is definitly one of the most amazing palaces I have ever seen!

Brighton Museum
Address: 12A Pavilion Parade.

After the Royal Pavilion, we went to Brighton Museum, which is opposite the palace. We went to the museum for the exhibit about the “Wildlife photographer of the year” ….. and it was also amazing! Normally I am not very into photography, but these photos were very impressive. The exhibit was well set up, there was enough room for people to walk around or stand still. I loved seeing the winners next to the runner-up and think “Do I agree with the judges?”.

travelguide-brighton-day2 (6) travelguide-brighton-day2 (7)
Lunch @ Bagelman
Address: 7 Bond St.
After an awesome morning, my mom and I were hungry. We went to grab some bagels from Bagelman for lunch. We both ordered a bagel with salmon. The bagels tasted good. I did worry about the employees a bit, they were friendly but looked a little sad.

travelguide-brighton-day2 (8) travelguide-brighton-day2 (9)
In the afternoon we walked around “the Lanes”, which is an area with a lot of cute shops.It was fun to see some stores we do not have in The Netherlands.

travelguide-brighton-day2 (10)
Icecream @ Boho Gelato
Address: 31 Ship St.
Because it was quite sunny, we went for some icecream. Again, I had heard a lot of good things about Boho Gelato, so that is were we went. I had the strawberry/lemon-cookie one and it was very good. My mom had the mojito one and that one was good too.

travelguide-brighton-day2 (1)
After this long day both my mom and I were very hangry. We had not picked out a place for dinner, we could not decided where to go and walked around for ages to find a place. We ended up on a random terrace and ordered some fish and chips (because when in England, why not). Although the place was not very nice, the food was fine.

-> Are there any sights that I should see next time I visit Brighton? Let me know.

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