Tips: Where to see street art in New York

One thing that I noticed during my last trip to New York was the many street art. Now I can hear people go “Duh”, but street art is not something I often notice, because I usually look more at people or buildings.
However, I have seen some really nice pieces of street art that I wanted to share with you. Some of them I have seen on my first trip to New York
in June 2018, other I saw during my second trip to New York last July. For most of them, I know the area that I took the photo off, but I do not know the exact locations.
If anyone knows who the artists of these pieces are, definitely let me know in the comments!

tips-streetartinnewyork (2)
– Colorful Audrey Hepburn
Area: Soho & Little Italy
I believe this one from Audrey Hepburn is quite popular and I had seen it online before I visited New York. I did not go look for it, just happen to walk past it and I am glad I did, because it is a niece piece of street art.

tips-streetartinnewyork (4)
– Tiger
Area: Soho & Little Italy
I think this piece is one of my favorites. Not only are the colors very vibrant, the expression of the tiger is amazing.

tips-streetartinnewyork (6)
– Mother Teresa & Gandhi
Area: No idea, I saw it from the High Line in Chelsea.
When I walk around The High Line, I often take a pause and enjoy the view. I looked at this direction because of the Empire State Building, but then I discovered Mother Teresa and Gandhi. Although I did not see it from up close, for a distance I could already see the beautiful colors.

tips-streetartinnewyork (7)
– Frida Kahlo
Area: I do not know, I saw it from the High Line in Chelsea.
Also during a walk around The High Line, I saw this Frida Kahlo. Because it was between two buildings, I did not see much, but I expect it to be part of a bigger wall art (with perhaps more famous people?).

tips-streetartinnewyork (11)
– Michael Jackson
Area: East Village
This piece came out of nowwhere for me. I was just walking from my hotel to Tompkins Square Park, when I turned a corner and saw this amazing wall art!I am not a Michael Jackson fan, but I really like this “young & old”, black & white vibe”.

tips-streetartinnewyork (1)
Black & white
Area: Flat Iron/ Madison Square Park
Although most street art is colorful, there probably is a lot of black and white street art too. However I have not seen it. This is the only one I came across. It definitely has a different vibe than the others, more geometric.

tips-streetartinnewyork (5)
Double street art
Area: Lower Manhattan, near Glossier
When I was walking some street in the Lower Manhattan, I saw this yellow and blue street art from afar. However, when I was close by, I saw that there was another piece of street art on the building. Two very different styles, but because they both have blue in them, it does not look weird.

tips-streetartinnewyork (9) tips-streetartinnewyork (8)
Area: Chelsea
These two colorful pieces of street art were surrounding some kind of courtyard. These have a totally diffent look from the pieces of street art I have mentioned before. Where the ones that I talk about first were pretty realistic and almost photographic, these are more cartoon-like. This is not really my taste, but I wanted to share them anyway.

tips-streetartinnewyork (10)
Girl and a dove
Area: East Village
This smaller piece of wall art can be found around the East Village area. First when I saw it, I thought it was a billboard, but when I came closer, I saw it was wall art.

tips-streetartinnewyork (12)
Doc Holidays
Area: East Village
This is another smaller piece of “street art”. I put street art in quotations, because I am not sure wether this is real street art or an add for the bar behind the door.

tips-streetartinnewyork (3)

Area: Soho
I was a little hesitant to include this last one in this post, because.. is this street art? It is a door that has been covered in pink and red hearts. I believe this is an house and I know it is very popular online, but it still is quite pretty, right?

-> What do you think about street art? Do you know any cool other pieces of street art in New York? Let me know in the comments.

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