Food: Mexican food in New York (for all budgets!)

After my trip to New York in last July, I realised that I ate a lot of “Mexican” (or Tex-Mex) food. It is not that surprising since Mexico is America’s neighbour and there live a lot of Mexicans in the USA too. Also, I like Mexican food; it is easy, cheap and there are always loads of options.

Here are three places to eat “Mexican” food in New York , for all budgets.

food-mexicanfood-newyork-lostacos (2) food-mexicanfood-newyork-lostacos (1).jpg
1. Los Tacos no. 1
Address: Several locations in Manhattan.
Price: $
Los Tacos no. 1 is very famous for their tacos. They have several locations in Manhattan, during both of my trips in 2018 and 2019 I went to the one in Chelsea Market. This one is a “takeaway”- place: you can get in line (do not be alarmed by the long line, it moves quickly), order your tacos and see how they get prepared. Although these tacos are not the prettiest, they taste fine and best part- they are cheap!

food-mexicanfood-newyork-tacombi (3) food-mexicanfood-newyork-tacombi (1) food-mexicanfood-newyork-tacombi (2)

2. Tacombi
Address: Different locations in the city.
Price: $$
Tacombi has many locations in the city, but I have only visited the one near the Flat Iron building. The interior is very industrial and the vibe is really casual. All the times I have been there, it is always busy with all types of people. There are loads of delicious options to try, it is pretty cheap and they serve nice cocktails too. However, be aware, a cocktail can make your lunch or dinner a little more expensive.

food-mexicanfood-newyork-javelina (1) food-mexicanfood-newyork-javelina (2)
3. Javelina
Address: 119 E 18th St.
Price: $$$
I found out about Javelina from some youtubers and I am very glad I did. During my stay in the city last July, I made a reservation because it is a pretty popular place. This place feels more modern and a little less “authentic” than the others that I have mentioned, but it is still a nice restaurant. I got nachos and salsa for free, and I ordered the chicken fajita’s which came with tacos and loads op toppings (black beans, sour cream, guacamole, bell peppers)! Afterwards, I got a little dessert for free aswell.

-> If you have a tip for good “Mexican” food in New York, let me know in the comments below!

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