Travel guide: What I did in New York (Day 7)

Breakfast @ Maman’s
Address: 22 W 25th St.
On my last morning in New York, I went to Maman’s for breakfast. It was already packed with New Yorkers, so the only place available was the big table. I got the avocado toast, which was tasty, but I did not find it a very nice atmosphere; it was too busy and loud.

Snack @ Doughnut Plant
Address: 220 W 23rd St.
I went to Doughnut Plant for a donut. It was not busy and the vibe was a little cold, so I just grabbed a donut to go. I think I got one with jelly, which was okay.

Because it was raining, I wanted to visit a museum or something, but they were not open. So I decided to do some shopping in the area around the Flatiron building.

travelguide-newyork,day7 (1)Snack @ Dough Doughnuts
Address: 14 W 19th St.
Dough Doughnuts was another place I found on Instagram. Because it was still raining, I sat down for a few minutes. I got the passionfruit doughnut: I liked the flavour, but the doughnut was a bit stiff and not very light, so very different from other doughnuts that I had had.


travelguide-newyork,day7 (2)Lunch @ Black Seed Bagel
Address: 1188 Broadway.
Before heading back to my hotel to grab my suitcase and go to the airport, I wanted to have a quick last lunch and what better way to end a trip to New York than with a bagel?
I went to the Black Seed Bagel near the Flat Iron building and bought a bagel with cream cheese and salmon. Then I walked back to Madison Square Park, sat on a bench and ate the bagel, which was very tasty.

-> Do you stick to your “diet” whilst on a city trip, or do you enjoy all the foods?

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