Travel guide: What I did in New York (Day 6)


Breakfast @ Zucker’s
Address: 370 Lexington Avenue.
For breakfast I went to Zucker’s to grab a bagel to go. It was early morning and already pretty busy.
I ordered abagel with scallion cream cheese and ate it whilst on the subway to Coney Island and it tasted good.

travelguide-newyork,day6 (3)
Coney Island
Aftr arriving at Coney Island, I walked to the beach and over the beach. Although it was very hot, there were not a lot of people at the beach. It was nice to walk over the beach, see the rollercoasters and eat a hotdog, but I am not sure if I found it worth the long subway ride.

travelguide-newyork,day6 (4)

Lunch @ Nathan’s
Address: 1205 Riegelmann Boardwalk.
I went to Nathan’s Famous because everyone says their hotdogs are amazing. I am not a huge meat-fan nor a sausage-fan, so I was not that overwhelmed by it.
It is just a bun with a sausage, yes the sausage tastes a little herby, which is good, but not spectaculair.

travelguide-newyork,day6 (5) travelguide-newyork,day6 (6)
Brooklyn Museum
Address: 200 Eastern Parkway
After lunch I took the subway to the Brooklyn Museum. I found it hard to navigate without an audioguide or a map. I feel like I did not get a great experience. Also, I did not like all the school children running and screaming around me, while I was looking at art. However the “Blue” exhibition was lovely and the mummy chambers were also very cool to see. In the end, I am not sure if this museum is worth the ride from Manhattan.

travelguide-newyork,day6 (7) travelguide-newyork,day6 (1)
Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Address: 990 Washington Avenue.
Here is a tip for you all: do not go to a botanical garden on a very hot day. I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a very hot and sweaty afternoon and found it hard to walk around.
It is a beautiful well maintained garden, but sadly when I was there, there were not a lot of flowers to see. It was only very green. I loved the souvenirshop, it had so many cute things!

travelguide-newyork,day6 (8)
Dinner @ Javelina
Address: 119 E 18th St.
I had seen Javelina in a Youtube-vlog and thought it looked good. So whilst I was on the subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan, I made an online reservation. After freshing up in my hotel, I went to Javelina for food. I chose the chicken fajijtas, which came with loads of toppings (beans, avocado, salsa, cream cheese)! It tasted great and the food was more than enough. I would highly recommand this place to anyone who likes Mexican food. It is a bit pricy, but worth it.

-> When you are on a city trip, do you like to plan things or do you just go with the flow?

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