Travel guide: What I did in New York (Day 5)


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Breads Bakery
Address: 1090 6th Avenue #1080.
One thing that I wanted to try during this trip was a Babka. I had seen them all over the internet and I was very curious about them. I went to the Breads Bakery in Bryant Park to grab a chocolate babka to go and ate it later when I sat in Central Park. The babka was very delicious.

Address: 785 Lexington Avenue.
I also grabed a bagel to go from Pick-a-bagel.
I went for the scallion creamcheese, which was very nice. There are a few locations in Manhattan and they are the perfect for a grab-and-go.

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Central Park
Central Park is one of my favorite places in New York.

It is so big, that it does not matter if it is busy.
You can walk around, sit and read a book, play a game or whatever.
Def. spend some time here during your visit.
Also, i think the best park in nyc.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET)

Address: 1000 5th Avenue.
The MET is a lovely museum. Eventhough it is huge, it can still be very busy, even when you arrive at openingtimes.

Last year i visited the MET and saw a lot of their “standard collection”.
This year, i visited the MET because of the temporary exhibits about rock n roll (amazing exhibit if you like music or guitars), about fashion (camp- lovely dresses from famous designers) and about dutch painters (i was a little dissapointed by the size, thought there would be more paintings).
The MET is worth a visit and you need to take your time.
Put on the audioguide and enjoy.

travelguide-newyork,day5 (11)Snack @ Pinkberry
Address: 1577 2nd Avenue

I visited Pinkberry for the first time. I enjoyed this eyecream. Nice flavours and choice of toppings.

I can not remember what I did for lunch. I think I bought a bagel somewhere and ate it while I walked back to Central Park.

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Central Park
I spend the afternoon chilling and reading a book in Central Park. This is such a fun activity, because you get to people-watch, enjoythe beautiful scenery and have a little quiet time.

travelguide-newyork,day5 (14)
Dinner @ Ruby’s
Address: 442 Third Avenue.
I went to Ruby’s after seeing it on Instagram. I had to wait for about 20 min’s for a table. I chose the gnocciwith tomato, aubergine and mozzarella, , which was tasty.This is not a place packed with tourist, but more with locals.

travelguide-newyork,day5 (15)
Dessert @ Tipsy Scoop
Address: 217 E 26th St.
I went to Tipsy Scoop after seeing it on Instagram, because they combine two of my favorite things…. icecream and booze. I went for two scoops; the fruity-limoncello and the chocolae-bourbon. They were both very good! It w
as a little hard to find this place, because it is in a side street and from the outside it did not look that great, but I am glad I found it because it was worth it.

travelguide-newyork,day5 (16) travelguide-newyork,day5 (1)

After dinner and dessert, I decided I wanted to take a few photos during sunset. So I walked around the area of my hotel and got some nice shots.

-> Have you ever visited places in New York because you saw them on Instagram? And if so, did they live up to the hype?

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