Travel guide: What I did in New York (Day 2)


Breakfast @ Big Daddy’s
Address: 239 Park Avenue.
On Saturdaymorning I went to Big Daddy’s for breakfast. I ordered the waffles with berries and they tasted good. Big Daddy’s is a fun diner and in the early morning it is not very touristy, so it is the perfect place to start your day. If you want to experience a “real American diner” this is a good place.

travelguide-newyork,day2 (14) travelguide-newyork,day2 (13)
Tompkins Square Park
After breakfast I walked to Tompkins Square park. It was not too busy but there were already some people enjoying the sun. I sat down on the grass with a book and a Starbucks iced tea. When I got too hot, I changed to a place in the shadows.

travelguide-newyork,day2 (1)
Lunch @ Tompkins Square Bagels
Address: 165 Avenue A.
When it was time for lunch, I walked to Tompkins Square Bagel to grab a bagel. It was very busy and I had to wait about 20 minutes before I could order. I went for the bagel with cream cheese and salmon. The staff is always very friendly. The bagel was very tasty.

travelguide-newyork,day2 (2)
Brooklyn Bridge
Because it was a very sunny and hot day, I decided to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Eventhough it was very hot, it was also very busy.
I love walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. It is such an impressive structure and has great views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Last year I walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan in the early morning and it was very quiet, and I prefered that.
Be aware it is not the best activity to do on a sunny day, because there is barely any shade.

travelguide-newyork,day2 (4)
Brooklyn Bridge Park

All the parks around the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge are perfect to sit down and chill & relax. Enjoy the views of Manhattan, especially the tall skyscrapers.
Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of those parks that has a good view.
There are benches, chairs and rocks to sit on.

travelguide-newyork,day2 (3)
Snack @ Brooklyn Icecream factory

Nearby the Brooklyn Bridge is the Brooklyn Icecream Factory. It is definitely worth the wait because the line moves quick and the icecream is very good.

travelguide-newyork,day2 (7)
Manhattan Bridge
After the icecream, I walked to Jane’s Carousel and Pebble Beach, which are inbetween the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. This is also a lovely spot to sit down and enjoy the incredible view.

travelguide-newyork,day2 (8)
Ofcourse a visit to this area is not complete without going to DUMBO and seeing the Manhattan Bridge up-close.

travelguide-newyork,day2 (9) travelguide-newyork,day2 (2)
Dinner @ Smorgasburg
I then took the subway to East River State Park, which is where the “Food Festival” Smorgasburg was. This is a perfect place to be if you like food. There are a lot of stands that sell foods and drinks and you can sit by the river and enjoy the food and the view of Manhattan! This time, I went for a bao bun, some pizza muffins, some dumplings and some rolled ice cream.
Keep your eye on the time, because it closes around 6 pm, so you can not go there for a “late dinner”.

-> Have you been to New York? What was your favorite experience there? Let me know in the comments.

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