Travel guide: What I did in New York (Day 1)

In July I went to New York for a week. After spending eleven days in New Year last year, I wanted to come back to the city and see more it. (Click here for last year’s articles of New York)

I stayed in two different hotels in two different areas. The first few nights I stayed at Arlo Nomad, which is very close to the Flatiron building and Madison Square Park. I chose this hotel because it looked lovely online. Since it was quite expensive, I decided not to stay here for the full trip. Arlo Nomad is a great choice if you want to stay in the Midtown-area. It is close to the subway station, it is pretty close to loads of restaurants and museums. The rooms are lovely, very modern and clean, and the staff is friendly. So yes, it is quite expensive, but it is definitely worth the money. I really enjoyed my stay.

travelguide-newyork-day1 (3) travelguide-newyork-day1 (4)
Breakfast @ The Butcher’s Daughter
Address: 19 Kenmare St.
On my first full day I went to The Butcher’s Daughter for breakfast. It was a sunny day so I sat outside. I ordered the pancakes (which were tasty) and a yellow juice (which was delicious!). The staff is quick and pretty friendly. The location in a busy street is not the best, but I enjoyed it anyway.

travelguide-newyork-day1 (5) travelguide-newyork-day1 (6)
Little Italy & Chinatown

After breakfast I walked around Little Italy and Chinatown.

travelguide-newyork-day1 (7)
Snack @ Dominique Ansel Bakery
Address: 189 Spring St.
Do you know about cronuts? Cronuts are a type of pasty and are some sort of combination between a croissant and a donut. Sounds tasty right? After reading all about it online, I knew I had to try one. So on Fridaymorning I went to Dominique Ansel Bakery. When I got there, there was already a line! A line for pick ups! That must mean it is great, right? Eventually I chose the July special with lemon and it was amazing! Very very tasty (and I usually do not like sweet stuff a lot). This cronut was worth the 20-min. wait, but 6 dollars is a bit much for 1 cronut.

travelguide-newyork-day1 (8)
Drink @ Starbucks
Because it was was so hot, I bought a refreshing iced tea from Starbucks.

travelguide-newyork-day1 (10) travelguide-newyork-day1 (9)
New Museum (of contemporary art)
Address: 235 Bowery.
I went to the New Museum of contemporary art. There were a few different exhibitions. They were all available on the audio-guide. It is not a standard museum and the exhibits can make you think (an airco that drips water that goes to a plant…that is art?).

travelguide-newyork-day1 (11)
Lunch @ Jack’s wife Freda

Address: 224 Lafayette St.
For lunch I went to Jack’s wife Freda. I had seen this place on the internet a lot, so I wanted to see what it was all about. When I got there for lunch it was full, so I had to wait about 15 minutes for a seat at the bar.
Inside it was very noisy (people talking loudly); basically many people in a small space trying to talk to eachother, it was not a great experience for me.
However the food was good (I had a chicken sandwich) and the staff was friendly.

travelguide-newyork-day1 (12)Washington Square Park
Washington square park is a lovely park to spend some time in. There is a fountain, there are loads of places to sit and there are toilets. It is the perfect place to take a break when you are strolling around the neighbourhood.

travelguide-newyork-day1 (13)
Snack @ POP Bar

Address: 5 Carmine St.
Because there was a heatwave, I went to POPbar for icecream. I bought a strawberry icecream with chocolate on the outside. It was pretty tasty and exactly what I needed that afternoon.
Sidenote: the icecream did melt very very quickly.

On my way to the High Line, I came across a Sephora and of course I had to go in and spend a little more than I was planning.

travelguide-newyork-day1 (16) travelguide-newyork-day1 (1)
The High Line
Because it was a very sunny afternoon, I went to the High Line. Which was a bit of a mistake, because it was very busy. However, the High Line is free and nice to walk around in

travelguide-newyork-day1 (15) travelguide-newyork-day1 (2)
Dinner @ Los Tacos no. 1
Address: 75 9th Avenue.
For dinner I went to Chelsea Market. At Los Tacos no. 1 I got some tacos. This place is always busy, but the line moves quickly and the food is good.

-> Have you got a place that you have visited that you want to go back to?

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