Travel guide: New York- Flatiron District

Two months ago, I decided to take a semi-spontaneously trip to New York. I say semi-spontaneously because New York had always been on my bucketlist, but I was not planning on going there in the near future: I was thinking of a citytrip to Copenhagen or Lisbon for the summer, when I saw that the tickets to NYC were reasonable and booked a flight.

The Flatiron district was the first neighbourhood in NYC that I experienced. During my citytrip to New York I stayed for 5 days in a hostel and for 5 days in a hotel. The hostel that I stayd in was a few blocks away from the Flatiron Building, so I got to know the area a bit. It is pretty good area to stay in, because it is very central in Manhattan. Also there is a good mix of local New Yorkers and tourists.

There are not many famous sights in the Flatiron District, but that does not mean that there is nothing to see.

travelguide-flatirondistrict (2) travelguide-flatirondistrict (3)
– Flatiron Building
The Flatiron Building is probably one of the most iconic ‘New York’ buildings. It is a very unique looking building and photographs well.

travelguide-flatirondistrict (14)
– Madison Square Park
Madison Square Park is one of my favorite parks in NYC. It has loads places to sit and watch people for a while. It is especially busy in the late afternoon and early evening. There is a good mix of New Yorkers and tourists in the park, because of the Shake Shack restaurant.

– Strand Bookstore
The Strand Bookstore is a famous bookstore. If you like books, it is worth the walk from the Flatiron area. They have both used and new books.

travelguide-flatirondistrict (10) travelguide-flatirondistrict (11)
– FIT Museum

The FIT Museum has small exhibits on fashion. When I was there, I saw some pretty couture dresses.

travelguide-flatirondistrict (6) travelguide-flatirondistrict (7)

– Gramercy
Gramercy is a lovely area to walk around in. Gramercy park is not accessible for everyone; only for the near- residents.

When it comes to food, the Flatiron District has loads of different options. Here are 6 places that serve delicious food and are not too expensive.

travelguide-flatirondistrict (5) travelguide-flatirondistrict (4)

– Big Daddy’s Diner
Eating at a true Americna diner is a must when you visit America or NYC. I had heard good things about Big Daddy’s Diner, so I decided to go there on my first morning.
It is a cute looking diner, and the (huge!) pancakes I ordered were good.

travelguide-flatirondistrict (8) travelguide-flatirondistrict (9)

– The Melt Shop
The Melt Shop is THE place to be for a grilled cheese sandwich. It can get busy at lunchtime,  but I would recommend this place to any (budget)traveller.

travelguide-flatirondistrict (13) travelguide-flatirondistrict (12)

– Shake Shack
Although there are many fast food burger restaurants in the city, Shake Shack was the only one I went to. There is one in the middle of Madison Square Park, which has a lovely seating area outside. At dinnertime it can get very busy and chaotic, so be prepated to wait. In my opinion, the buns are not the best, but the fries are tasty.

– Xi’an Famous Foods

Xi’an Famous Foods is a Asian food chain that has many locations in Manhattan. It is a great place to buy some tasty but cheap asian dishes (like a cumin lambburger). You can sit inside, but I took it to the park and ate it there.

travelguide-flatirondistrict (1)

– By Chloe
By Chloe is a vegan restaurant that has 7 locations in New York. The interior is very modern, the staff was very friendly and the prices were not too crazy.
I grabbed a salad and took it to the park.

travelguide-flatirondistrict (15) travelguide-flatirondistrict (16)

– Tacombi
Tacombi is a Mexican restaurant chain with 6 locations in New York. The vibe is very relaxed and cool. I had a chicken taci and a blackbean taco, both were small but very tasty. The staff was kind and the prices were very reasonable.

-> If you have any sight or food recommendations in the Flatiron District, let me know in the comments!

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