Tips: 4 Budgettips for visiting London

1. Walk

London is a great city to walk around in. Traffic is crazy and although the metro is easy and fast, I always prefer walking, because it is good for me and my wallet.

2. Free sights
There are a lot of famous sights in London and a lot of them you can see for free.
Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. Pauls Cathedral or Big Ben…. you do not have to go inside if you are not interested in the royal family, religion, or politics. From the outside you can get a pretty good idea about them.
Also, there are loads of parks in London…which are also free. So if you are lucky with the weather, go to the park.

3. Pret a manger
I can not explain how much of a fan I am of Pret A Manger. It is such a good concept (we do not have a chain like that in The Netherlands). Wether it is time for breakfast or lunch, you can eat here for not too much money. Their wraps and sandwiches are tasty.

4. Finding a good hotel
Finding a good hotel was not easy. Luckily there are loads of Apps that can help you, like Agoda or However, I would always advise to check the hotel’s webiste too, because somethimes that is way cheaper. I found
Agoda was great for booking luxury hotels for not too much money.

-> If you have any budgettips for London for me, let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Tips: 4 Budgettips for visiting London

  1. Some great tips for living there as well, Pret employees are encouraged to give free coffee to regular and courteous customers, manners cost nothing, but saved me a fortune in coffee working in central London

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